Our vision

believe. Empower. Pursue.

We want to see our community believe in God, become empowered by the Holy Spirit, and Pursue the Kingdom of God.

Believing in God is the starting point.  We don't become empowered by the Holy Spirit and don't desire to pursue Him more if we don't first believe.  We want to bring our community to a place where we understand who God is and all that He has done for us.  Our belief is that if the community begins to believe then the work of the Holy Spirit will begin.  That is, empowering us to be His witnesses to the ends of the Earth.  We believe that the more the Holy Spirit empowers us, a desire to pursue God will begin to grow .  This pursuit of more will lead to kingdom work.  This creates an endless cycle in life.  The more we believe, the more the Holy Spirit will empower.  The more the Holy Spirit empowers the more we pursue, and the more we pursue the more we learn of who God is and the work that He does.  As we learn more of who God is the more we believe and so the cycle starts over.

The mission of Foundation Church is to see this cycle set in motion throughout our community.  We believe that if we can start this cycle we will begin to live out Acts 1:8, that is, becoming His witnesses into our world.  As we begin this work we will also begin to experience Philippians 2:13, "for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose."  

At Foundation, we believe that this mission will be played out by worshiping together and letting that worship pour over into our everyday lives in a way that impacts those around us.